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Case Study: CLS

Corporate Learning Solutions (CLS)

CLS designs and deliver unique leadership development programmes to support business success. Their focus is on strengthening core managers, teams and future leaders to assist in business success. With coaches covering over 15 languages and 5 continents, they focus on creating and delivering training that works for the company’s needs perfectly.

The project

While CLS had recently completed a successful SEO campaign, CLS felt they could do more to encourage potential clients to enquire about their services. If your service is tailored around a bespoke training course & schedule, how do you list what you can achieve? If you can create any kind of training, how would you advertise your capability without listing every potential option?

We noticed in particular using Hotjar (a technology that tracks where users interact with a site, as well as how long for), that many users were not spending long on the site, or not clicking through to enquire. We redesigned the site with the aim of a clearer layout that resulted in more engagement on page.



Together with CLS, we clarified their communication online. We showcased their mission statement & impact. The resulting content & layout reflects that change.



The Result

The website redesign has benefited the client in several ways. By streamlining the layout and enhancing readability, it has provided visitors with a cleaner and more accessible interface. Moreover, the revamped design effectively communicates the business’s objectives and methodologies, ensuring clarity for potential customers. The redesign enhances the user experience,  strengthens the client’s brand identity and fosters a deeper understanding of their offerings. Critically, Hotjar has shown an increased retention rate on the site.

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