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For custom web design, E-Commerce services, SEO, hosting & more, see our services below.

Starting a

Brand New Website

Starting a website can seem like a huge task. I simplify the technical jargon & leave you understanding the online advertising world and how you slot into it.

Coming from a website agency, I have experience in doing it all. I can set you up with a website, domain, email and a website that works for you and reaches your customers. Let’s make your website easy to use and accessible to your customers.

How long will it take?

On average a brochure website (a simpler site with no shop, or complex requirements) of 5 pages takes around 4-6 weeks to complete. Smaller sites tend to take less time, larger or complex sites take more. An estimate of how long your project will take & the info needed to get to get to the next step is always provided.

Of course! A WooCommerce site (WordPress shop) tends to take 6-8 weeks plus, simply because there is more information and set-up required to test the shop and make sure every product is showcased perfectly. Payment integration, shipping setup & account & cart pages are always included in a quote.

A website designer & developer is there for if you need help with:

  • Laying your site out in an appealing way
  • Attracting customers & getting them to contact you
  • Making a site that looks good on computer, mobile & tablet
  • Setting up more complicated functionality, like integrating payment systems
  • Doing it for you if you don’t have the time to learn
Why not lean on years of experience to get your site looking perfect, while you focus on the more important things – your business!

A simple site of 5 pages starts from £690. This includes:

  • A development site set up for you to interact with your site without anyone else seeing it before it’s perfect
  • A custom design including the homepage and other pages that showcase your business
  • A hassle free publish that sets you up with a site ready to use
  • A free hour’s training on how to use your site that can be recorded if you want to refer back to it at any point

Let’s have a chat. What’s your business? How are you online right now if at all, and where do you want to take your company going forwards? I’ll give you frank, open advice on what’s out there for you to use and how I can help you.

It's time for a

Custom Web Design

Revamping your website is critical for a myriad of reasons. A rebuilt site can improve on best SEO practices for better visibility, make it easier to use, ensure mobile-friendly design that can access a wider audience. 

For most clients I see the important thing they gain from a redesign is the chance to reflect any brand evolution, as well as remind new and existing clients what your full scope of services are. It’s also easy to tack onto an existing website and find it just isn’t quite as streamlined as before – if you find yourself in this position, why not consider a redo?

My website is slow, can you help?

Speeding up a slow website can be done. There are a variety of reasons why your site may be slower to load than most. I can suggest and implement ideas to your site that will speed up the loading time and keep your clients on the page instead of navigating elsewhere.

Whenever I look at someone’s site for a free website review, I look at layout, content, usability, speed & SEO – the whole package essentially. I offer free tips to focus on for your site – and, if you’re interested, can implement the solutions for you.

Fancy a free website review? Send me your website & I’ll get back to you – or, if you’d prefer a chat we can arrange a phone call & look at it together.

You may be in need of a multisite – one main site that redirects users to the correct branches, dependant on their location. Or if you have two separate areas of the business that you want to showcase individually, you could create a page or a whole site for each.

There are a few solutions here, and it’s worth talking through how your buisnesses work together either by email or phone. If your websites aren’t working for your you, then they aren’t working for your business. Let’s chat about solutions to properly showcase your talent.

Of course you can. Check out my Portfolio & Blog page where I showcase website builds, changes & other work and parts of the industry here.

Extra skills

SEO, Support & Everything Else

Like many designers, I can offer several different services to help your website shine. I can:

  • Optimise your website with on-site SEO for better visibility
  • Improve your site accessibility
  • Revamp your online identity and create a custom logo that suits your brand
  • Help you choose, set up & transfer hosting
  • Managing domain connection issues, transfers & ownership disputes 
  • Translate ‘tech-speak’. I explain things using English, leaving you in full control of services you understand.
What SEO work can you do for me?

I can help you:

  • Fine tune your site & individual pages to improve their SEO score
  • Recommend alternative pages, or layouts that will improve SEO & help keep people on your site
  • Gather quality reviews, focusing on information from your clients that will put you higher on the search list

As always maintenance costs tend to increase year by year, but that doesn’t mean that hosting needs to cost an arm and a leg. I like to leave people feeling in control of their online presence & understand what they’re paying for! 

Have a free chat with me if you’d like to get an understanding of what your current monthly fees equate to, and if there are any cheaper options out there. I’m not affiliated with any hosting providers, but I can help you understand what’s there and help you migrate to a different provider if you require the assistance.

It’s an absolute nightmare when sites go down with no warning. Don’t Panic! I have years of experience bringing sites and email services attached to hosting back online, or diagnosing issues with domains. Whether the site is dead or broken, your domain has been suspended or simply is scrambled seemingly beyond repair – I’ve seen it all. I can help. 

All work and estimates are done on an hourly basis – my hourly rate being £40. If you’re interested in any kind of work I always provide accurate quotes that include a breakdown of costs that are valid for 30 days.