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Why WordPress?

Creating and maintaining an online presence is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. With numerous website-building platforms available, WordPress stands out as a powerhouse, offering an array of benefits that make it the preferred choice for millions of users worldwide. Here are a few of my favourite reasons why WordPress can work for you.

It's easy to use

WordPress is renowned for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a novice user, the platform allows you to create, edit, and manage content effortlessly. It’s built to be accessible for everyone, and no matter what kind of website you need, WordPress will have a way to showcase it.

It makes SEO management a breeze

With a huge variety of plugins available, it’s so important to look at how much easier SEO can be on WordPress than another site builder. There are many free SEO plugins that not only make it easy to improve your site for SEO – some even show you what descriptions to put & where. This certainly makes life easier if you’re new to the process! 
My personal favourite is Yoast, which offers a comprehensive free version.


There are many website builders out there – ultimately all built to be (somewhat!) user friendly, but most come with a price attached. Website builders like Wix for example cost more per month because not only are you paying for the hosting, you’re paying to use their builder. Since their website builder is baked into the system, you’ll always be paying extra. WordPress will always be cost effective, particularly if you’re just starting out and need to keep overhead low.

WordPress sites can be hosted practically anywhere

What do you mean, anywhere? Can’t any website be hosted anywhere? Actually no, not if you’re using a builder like Squarespace or Wix. If you build your website with Squarespace – it has to stay on Squarespace. You can’t migrate away to another hosting provider, because the site files aren’t compatable anywhere other than where they were built. 

When you create a website in WordPress, you own the website files, can download them and can stay in control of your website. If you decide to move your website to another host – maybe to a cheaper host, or one with better customer service – there are a huge list of hosting providers that are available that will even help you migrate your website over to them. Kualo even offer this service free of charge.

How about a free website review?

In the dynamic digital landscape, WordPress shines as an affordable, user-friendly platform. With expertise in building engaging WordPress websites, I offer a seasoned approach to elevate your online presence. 
How about a free website review? Send me over your website link & I’ll review content, design, layout & more. No matter the platform it’s on, all websites deserve to look their best!

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