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Stunning websites that show off your business.

Hi, I'm Kate 👋 a digital designer & developer based in Frome, Somerset

About Kate Online

Helping you make a website you love.

My mission is simple: I create gorgeous, functional websites that are easy to use and quick to update. I primarily work off of WordPress, but can also create Wix sites, Shopify, Squarespace.

But let’s not get too caught up in the technical jargon – I’m a design nerd with 7 years’ experience that loves turning your digital ideas into reality. I’m all about working closely with you, actually listening to your ideas, and ensuring that your online presence reflects your unique business and goals.

Whether it’s a brand new website you need, an overhaul of your site for your expanding business, a look at your SEO or help untangling a hosting problem, I’m here.


Brand new website

Whether you’ve got a brand-new business, or an established company base, I’m here to talk you through starting your first website. I design, build and publish brand new brochure & e-commerce sites, leaving you in control of a website that showcases your amazing company. One that you own, outright, and one that you understand – training is always included in a format that works for you. I set you up with emails, hosting & domains if you need them – again, all in your control.


We decide on the number of pages, content & functionality together


The homepage is designed first to show the design & layout in action


When you're happy with your site we put it live, leaving you in control of a website you understand and own

From £590

Website Redesign & Brand Overhaul

You’re established, you have a good website and clients know how to find you. And it could do with an update, a bit of a refresh to your online presence. Where do you start?

Start here. I’m experienced at taking existing websites and refocusing them for established businesses, whether that’s a site in WordPress, Wix, Squarespace (the list goes on). Your customer base may have grown and now you’re in need of a website that can do different things – or, you’ve successfully updated your website yourself but it’s just not quite as smooth as you want it to be.

I listen to what you want your website to deliver and what business goals you want to achieve. You might need a review with recommendations or a complete overhaul. You might need someone to update it for you and make relevant suggestions as we go along – all of which I can do for you.

Your website is your business partner and it should be working hard for you. Let’s talk about how we can improve that so your digital presence helps take your business to the next level.


We look at your current site functionality, design & SEO, and then we look at what it COULD do for your business

Game plan

We work out what needs improving and update it on a schedule that works for you


You'll get training and tips on what to do going forwards, so your website is easier to keep updated and less of a hassle to change. Support packages are also available.

From £690

Support, Tech help & Everything Else

This digital designer’s skillset covers a slew of all things digital, all of which can be included with (or without!) a website if you would like.

Technical SEO

I evaluate & improve on-site SEO to improve your rankings on search engines. I'll translate what Google needs and exactly what you can do to improve your site.

Domain support

If you need to buy a domain & don't know where to start, stuck in an ownership dispute or you're completely tangled up in DNS settings - don't panic! We've got this.

Graphic Design

Creating & editing logos, images, graphics, editing & books for print


Stuck on code? Need a second pair of eyes? I'm here for help with: HTML | CSS | SASS | PHP (in WordPress & cPanel)

Hosting Support

If you need help with your existing hosting, setting it up or transferring your website to someone else, I can give experienced advice on what to do, and how.

Tech translation

Has someone said that you need to improve the layout of your pages so that robots can crawl them better? Asked you to update a text record to include your SPF signature? I can translate these into requests that actually make sense, tell you what info you need and how to get it.

£40 per hour

Why choose us?

7+ years' experience

Seven years in the field brings a solid understanding of industry trends and best practices

30+ websites published

Over 30 websites published from design to publish including brochure sites & e-commerce

Quality client care

Creating a collaborative and trusting environment, fostering lasting relationships that extend beyond the completion of a project

Contact me for a free 30 minute review of your existing site. Or maybe you need help starting a project? Let’s have a chat.